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BVI – British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, one of the most picturesque places to set sail in the Caribbean.  This group of islands offer all of the charm of the Caribbean with the added allure of its expanse providing for the perfect sailing experience.   Lying just east of Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands encompass more than 50 islands and cays of varying sizes of which only 15 are inhabited.  This affords all the amenities needed for an thoroughly enjoyable experience while allowing for privacy at the same time.

With a Caribbean Yacht Charter the calm waters embracing the British Virgin Islands are open to the inquisitive exploratory nature of visitors. And with the volcanic landscape of the islands, the exploration is on land, at the shorelines and at sea.

The main inhabited islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Anegada deliver respite with their beautiful white sand beaches and exquisite culinary delights. But for the discerning visitor who wishes a more detached experience, the wonders of the uninhabited islands and cays summon sights and sounds in their natural form.

And, with its enchanting coral reefs off Anegada and Virgin Gorda, snorkelling in the British Virgin Islands invokes astonishing underwater vistas as you peruse this unique beauty in the companionship of serene marine life.

Whatever you do in the British Virgin Islands, remember to visit the Baths, this National Park on Virgin Gorda has the most imposing, yet inviting geological formation of granite rocks you may ever see on a beach. You will be able to take a “dip” in the resultant tidal pools; explore the fascinating tunnels; marvel at the intriguing arches and hideaway in the charming grottos that together make The Baths an inimitable experience to be had only in the British Virgin Islands.