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Crewed Yacht Charters

Encore Yacht Charters offers Crewed Yacht Charters that allow you to relax and simply savour the experience.  Featuring highly experienced and competent crews, this option caters to your every need once you charter a yacht.  You will be pampered while these crews share the many wondrous, scenic treasures of your chosen destination.  With a Crewed Yacht Charter your only responsibility is to soak in the sun, sea and to relish moment.

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Is Crewed Yacht Charters for me?


  • Food is catered
  • Your every requirement is addressed by an efficient crew
  • Learn about “hidden pearls” of the chosen destinations from knowledgeable crews
  • Truly relax without having any concerns other than exploring the destinations


  • Requires greater financial outlay than a Bareboat Charter

Our Crew

Once you choose a Crewed Yacht Charter with Encore Yacht Charters you are ensured of a highly experienced crew that is carefully chosen to meet your needs and satisfy your yachting desires.  And whether you have never chartered yachts or have been chartering yachts for many years rest assured that a charter with Encore Yacht Charters gives you a uniquely pleasurable experience.

This starts with matching you with a craft and a crew that best meets your needs based on your budget and the destinations that interest you. Encore Yacht Charters ensures that your contracts are clearly documented and your yacht is provisioned with food and beverages as per your requirements.  So as you step on board your chartered yacht you can leave your worries behind and just let the adventure begin.

Select from a wide variety of quality yachts all of which are inspected annually by Encore Yacht Charters.  We also meet the crews and get to know them.   This way, once you share with us the specific needs of you and your group we can pair you with a yacht and crew that closely matches your requirements.

Quality Yachts

There are many yachts to select from. We visit these yachts each year at the boat shows an meet the crew and inspect each vessel. Not all yachts are the same and some crew may be better suited for your group. Let us know what type of group you are considering brining onboard and we will do the search for you!