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Leeward Islands

Situated in the northern Lesser Antilles, the Leeward Islands comprise islands with a unique blend of British, French, Swedish and Dutch heritage.  These islands, which include St. Martin, St. Barths, Anguilla and Antigua lay between the convergences of North-Eastern Caribbean Sea and the Western Atlantic Ocean.

The Island of Antigua which forms a country with nearby Barbuda, boasts of a beach for every day of the year.  And this is no idle boast as Antigua has been blessed with incredible beaches, all with crystal clear waters that make for great water sports, sublime snorkelling and of course amazing sea-bathing.  And of course, you can discover a different, just as inviting beach every day of the year.

Not to be outdone Anguilla offers equally magnificent beaches and amazing coral reefs which make Anguilla one of the more sort after places for snorkelling in the Leeward Islands. Also fascinating about Anguilla are the many smaller islands and cays that fall under Anguilla’s administration.  Many of these islands and cays are uninhabited but being born of volcanic origins they make for intriguing viewing and even more interesting exploratory navigation.  And there is no better way to traverse the Leeward Islands and partake of its magnificence than a Caribbean Yacht Charter.

St. Barths, also of volcanic origins is the only island in the Caribbean that was a Swedish colony.  It is ringed by coral reefs which lie like jewels adorning this beautiful island that is home to 22 public beaches.  These beaches are excellent for both swimming and windsurfing, the beaches on the windward side especially noted for their excellent windsurfing.  During the migration period of December through May, nature lovers are treated to the sight of dolphins, porpoises and whales.  And with a Caribbean Yacht Charter, you share the ocean with these migratory species.

The Dutch and French influence in the Leeward Islands can be seen in Saint Martin which is a 34 square miles island shared between France and the Netherlands.  It is the smallest island shared by two countries.  But what is lacks in size it makes up in liveliness.  Saint Martin is well known for its extravagant nightlife, lively music Caribbean tinged music, great shopping, casinos and breath-taking beaches.  It’s all part of what makes for the allure of the Leeward Islands.