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Windward Islands

The Caribbean Windward Islands are a spectacular collection of islands that lie between latitudes 12 and 16 degrees north and longitudes 60 and 62 degrees west.  This is perhaps one of the best places in the world to immerse yourself in nature and revel in the pristine beauty of exquisite and exotic flora and fauna.  And, it is all complemented by the munificence of island hospitality and a cuisine infused with British and French influences born out of a colonial past.

This is a yachting paradise.  And getting around is made easy with a Caribbean Yacht Charter that allows you to explore these wondrous islands while basking in the tranquillity of the Caribbean breezes that roll gently in the day.

You will marvel at the volcanic island of Saint Lucia with its amazing Piton peaks, or perhaps you prefer snorkelling off one the many cays in the Grenadines chain.  Thinking of adventure?  Then retrace the steps of the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean which was shot on location in St. Vincent.

All of the Caribbean Windward Islands have one thing in common; beautiful beaches with the signature, crystal clear blue-green waters of the Caribbean Sea.  But whatever you do, don’t forget your sunglasses and sun tan lotion, as the islands also boast warm, sunny weather year round.    It is all very inviting.  And with a Caribbean Yacht Charter you can easily make good on the invitation to the Caribbean Windward Islands.